Want to invite DHT to give a talk at your group?

Here is a listing of talks we can give for your group or ministry. Talks can be done in Spanish!

New Talks :- Renew Your Vision: A Plan For Forming Youth & Young Adult Groups
- Jesus, Be My Lord & Savior: 3 Day, 1 Day, or 30 to 45 Min talk (3 Parts: 1. Be At The Feet of Your Master, 2. Develop the Attitude of the Your Master, 3. Become the Master)
- I Want To Believe 1, 2, & 3
- Finding Reason to Believe

Lent and Holy Week - Cuaresma y Semana Santa:- The Dusty Road to Heaven: Ash Wednesday
El Camino Polvoriento al Cielo: Miercoles de Ceniza
- For Love of His Lord: The History of St. Valentine
Por Amor a Su Senor: La Historia de San Valentin-
Today we Fast, We Abstain, We Give: How WE DO IT for Lent
Hoy Ayunamos, Nos Abstenemos, Damos: Como Lo Hacemos en la Cuaresma
- Let’s Get Personal with Jesus – How we live our Catholic Religion
Vamos a Ponernos Personal con Jesus - Como Vivimos Nuestra Religion Catolica
- Walking in the Presence – How We enter into the Passion & Death of Jesus.
Caminando en la Presencia – Como Entramos en la Pasion y Muerte de Jesus
- So, What Are Your Thirty Pieces? (Lent Reflection)

El Señor Recucito - The Lord is Risen:
- He conquered Death, and so can you! How we live the Resurrection of the Lord
El Conquisto a la Muerte, y Tu Tambien! Como Vivimos la Resurreccion del Senor- He Is Truly Lord of Heaven & Earth
El es en Verdad Señor del Cielo y de la Tierra.

Advent & Christmas Talks - Waiting for the Moment Series:- Waiting for the Moment – Preparing our hearts for Jesus
Esperando el Momento – Preparando nuestros corazones para Jesús- Who Say’s She Ain’t Perfect – Celebrating the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception
¿Quien dijo Que Ella no es Perfecta? – Celebrando la Fiesta de la Inmaculada Concepción– Our Encounter With Mary – Our Lady of Guadelupe
Nuestro Encuentro con María – Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe- His Birth Changed Our World – Understanding Christmas
Su Nacimiento Cambio Nuestro Mundo – Entendiendo la NavidadThe Mass:- What’s My Mass Confusion? Basic Explanation on the Mass ( 5 Weeks)

The Sacraments:- Faith Bound By Mystery: The Sacraments Alive! (4 Weeks)
- Who's Afraid of Confession? (1 day)
- Talks on the Eucharist – W/ Video “This is My Body…, This is My Blood” (In
Spanish and English)
- Grace From His Altar: The Eucharist Binds the Christian to Jesus
- Living “PURE”. It’s not a bad four letter word: A Reflection on the Eucharist & the Christian Youth
- Renewed In His Flesh: The Eucharist Transforms Us

The Creed:- The Fantastic Four: The Church is One, Holy, Catholic, & Apostolic (1 day or 4

General Talks:
- El Senor Bendicea Su Pueblo Con La Paz
- Blest Are The Single Hearts for they shall see God. (Mt 5:8)

We're On A Mission (7 talks on Youth and Young Adult Mission work in parishes):1) I Have to Tell You Something - My Incredible Experience with Jesus
Tengo que decirte algo - Mi Increible Experiencia con Jesus.2) The Time Is Now - The Forming of Future Christian Youth & Young Adult Leaders
Ahora es el tiempo - La Formacion de los Futuros Lideres Cristianos Jovenes y Jovenes Adultos.
3) There's No Escaping the Gospel - Bringing the Gospel to the Culture.
No Hay Manera de Escapar el Evangelio - Trayendo el Evangelio a la Cultura.
4) Our Fallen - Why Youth & Young Adults Miss Out On Catholic teaching
Nuestros Caidos - Porque los jovenes y jovenes adultos se estan perdiendo las ensenanzas Catolicas.5) No Wonder They Find It Boring - How To Bring the Gospel Through Media
Con razon se aburren - Como llevar el Evangelio a traves de los medios.6) Rise Up - Shouting His Name on the Roof Tops
Levantense - Gritando Su Nombre por los techos7) Caught In His Net - Our Primer Encuentro
Atrapado en Su red - Nuestro Primer Encuentro

Mary:1. “My Soul Magnifies the Greatness of the Lord” – The Purpose of our group “Magnificat” Luke 1:46 –
2. “Rejoicing In the Spirit of the Lord” Our Salvation – Luke 1:47
3. “Do You Hear His Voice?” Called To Be A Servant of the Lord – Luke 1:48
4. “Being Blessed, WITH STRESS” Called To Holiness – Luke 1:48
5. “It’s All About J.O.Y.” Knowing God is Above You – Luke 1:49
6. “Honoring the Name of the Lord” What’s that all about? – Luke 1:49
7. “Trusting in the Mercy of the Lord” – Luke 1:50
8. “Take My Life” God Raises Up The Lowly – Luke 1:51-52
9. “The Hungry are filled with good things” – Luke 1:53
10. “The Lord Remembers His Promise of Old” Don’t Forget Your Roots – Luke 1:54-55

The Rosary:- “What A Rose Could Do For You – Praying the Rosary"
- “Say What You Believe! The Apostle Creed”
- “He Truly Is ‘Our Father’”
- “Even God Praised His Creation, Why Can’t You? – The Hail Mary”
- “Praisin the Trinity In Unity – The Glory be…”

The Mysteries: Joyful

“Responding To the Call – The Annunciation”
“Her Visit Will Change You – The Visitation”
“The Moment – The Nativity”
“Mary’s Hand In Your Conversion – The Presentation”
“Being Lost In Your Father’s House – The Finding of Jesus In The Temple”

The Mysteries: Luminous
“The Anointing of a King and the Hope of Redemption – The Baptism in the Jordan”
“It Takes Three To Make a Marriage – The Wedding at Cana”
“You Are The Light of the World – The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God”
“Being Transformed In the Presence of the Lord – The Transfiguration”
“With This Sign, You Shall Conquer – The Institution of the Eucharist

The Mysteries: Sorrowful“He Saw His People’s Sin and Made It His Own – The Agony of the Garden”
“By His Suffering You Were Saved – The Scourging of Jesus”
“Instead of Gold, We Gave Him Thorns – The Crowning of Thorns”
“By His Cross, He Has Redeemed You! – The Carrying of the Cross”
“Silence – The Crucifixion”

The Mysteries: Glorious
“There Is Life After Death– The Resurrection”
“He Is Truly Lord of Heaven & Earth – The Ascension”
“He Never Forgets His Promise – The Descent of the Holy Spirit”
“Blessed Are You Among All Women – The Assumption of Mary”
“Sharing In The Crowning of Mary – Coronation of Our Lady”

I Want to be Holy (Series on Called to be Holy):1) Me, Be a Saint? Nah! – Everything is Possible with Christ
2) Could you imagine what God can do thru you! Saints in Action
3) On Earth as it is in Heaven – The Communion of Saints
4) Hey, who said praying for the dead is bad? – Understanding the Feast of All Souls Day
5) The Original Marvel Super Hero’s – Understanding the Feast Day of All Saints
6) What’s the 411 on Praying to Saints?
7) Taking Back Halloween!

Feast Days:- His Name Reigns Supreme – The Feast Day of Christ the King
Su Nombre esta Reinando Supremamente - La Fiesta de Cristo Rey
Live Your Catholic Faith - Vive Tu Fe Catolico:
- It's Our Church: Catholicism - The Original Church Universal
Es Nuestra Iglesia: El Catolicismo - La Iglesia Origina- Live It Up - I'm Catholic and Proud of Itl
Vivela - Soy Catolico y Orgulloso de Ello!Christ Our Hope - Cristo Nuestra Esperanza:- He Came To Bring Hope to the Nations
El Vino a Traer Esperanza a las Naciones- Sign & Wonders: Miracle of Hope – How do we respond?
Señales y Maravillas: El Milagro de la Esperanza – Como Respondemos?- We Need Unity – Now, more than ever.
Necesitamos Unidad – Ahora mas que Nunca- It Is I Who Calls You! My Vocation to Jesus
Soy Yo quien te Llamo! Mi Vocacion a Jesus- In The Name of Jesus, RISE!
En el Nombre de Jesus, LEVANTATE!!- It’s Time to be the Saints of Today!
Ya es Tiempo de Ser los Santos de Hoy!- Let Hope Heal Your Wounds – The Pope’s Prayer at Ground Zero
Deja que la Esperanza Sane tus Heridas – La Oracion del Papa en la Zona Zero
- He is the Way, The Truth, and the Life – Trust in the Lord of Hope
El es el Camino, la Verdad, y la Vida – Confia en el Señor de Esperanza
Mi Profesion de Fe - Weekly Course on the Catechism of the Catholic Church in Spanish:1 - ¿Que es el Catolicismo? La Iglesia Universal Original
2 - ¿Que es el Catolicismo? Viviendo Mi Fe En Jesus
3 - El Catecismo de la Iglesia Católica
4 - ¿Crees? – Introducción al Credo de los Apóstoles
5 - Aprender mas sobre la Santísima Trinidad: El Misterio y las Definiciones
6 - El es verdaderamente tu Padre – Dios Nuestro Padre
7 - Jesus – El Señor de tu vida
8 - El Espiritu Santo – El mueve la Iglesia, El habla a tráves de nosotros, El es nuestra guía.
9 - La Fe Unida por el Misterio - Los Sacramentos en nuestras vidas
10 - Se Necesitan Siete para mantenernos Unidos - Los Sacramentos
11- Bautismo - el Primer Sacramento de Iniciación Cristiana
12- Entendiendo el Sacramento de Confirmación
13 - El Pan de Vida... La Copa de Salvación - La Eucaristía
14 - Introducción a la Penitencia - El Sacramento de Reconciliación
15 - Entendiendo el Propósito de la Unción de los Enfermos
16 - "Hagan esto en memoria Mía". Jesús Llama a los Pastores
17 - Los Dos se Convierten en "Uno" - El Matrimonio en los Ojos de Dios.
18 - “¿Cual es mi Confusión sobre la Misa?” Estamos en una Misión – La Introducción a la Misa
19 - “¿Cual es mi Confusión sobre la Misa?” Preparando Tu Corazón para Conocer a Jesús – El Rito de Introducción
20 - “¿Cual es mi Confusión sobre la Misa?” Mis Corderos Escuchan Mi Voz – Liturgia de la Palabra
21 - “¿Cual es mi Confusión sobre la Misa?” Este es Mi Cuerpo… Esta es Mi Sangre – Liturgia de la Eucaristía
22 - “¿Cual es mi Confusión sobre la Misa?” Tu Misión Empieza – Rito de Conclusión