Sunday, September 18, 2016

DHT - Speakers Survey

For each of the following statements about the talk and speaker, please indicate whether you: Strongly Agree (1);
Somewhat Agree (2);
Neither Agree nor Disagree (3);
Somewhat Disagree (4);
Strongly Disagree (5).

Topic of Talk:

Who gave the talk? 
Was the Speaker on time? 
Did you feel that the
Speaker gave an effective talk on the Topic?
Did you feel that the Speaker’s talk was
appropriate for participants?
Did you feel that the Speaker was informative? 
Did you feel the Speaker spoke in the language
 appropriate to the participants?
Did you feel the group needed a discussion
lead by the Speaker?
Did the Speaker give an opportunity to
answer questions?
Did the Speaker respect the time schedule given? 
Did the Speaker look appropriate? 
Did the Speaker participate in the activities
of the group?
Did you feel that the Speaker invited the group
to Action or/and Service?
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