Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Renew Your Vision

Imagine a youth group, a young adult group, or a youth ministry in your parish? DHT is proud to announce “Renew Your Vision”, a play on words to the original work “Renewing the Vision”, helping leaders to imagine their group or ministry in the image of Christ and His Church. 

 Have a youth group, or young adult group? How about a Youth Ministry, but you’re having a hard time “Bridging” the group or ministry to the parish life? “Renew Your Vision”, will help you to find ways to network with your community and parish leadership to help foster vocations for the Church. 

 I am sure that you, your group, or ministry are coming up with innovative ideas to motivate youth and young adults to passionately live for Christ – let DHT help you to create or strengthen your dream group or ministry from grassroots! 

Registration for Renew Your Vision is open! Course begins May 17th - Register today!