Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bertha Peralta-Rodriguez - AKA "B"

Bertha (aka "b") was born in NY and raised between NY, DR, & PR. She studied psychology and works as a counselor in a college. She is married to Johnny Rodriguez (AKA Arthanius) and has a beautiful girl named Liliana.

A devout Catholic, she is an avid fan of JPII and BXVI's writings (since when he was Cardinal Ratzinger), and takes her vocation as a server & defender w/ joy and passion. She is faithful to the Magisterium, and some may say that is very Orthodox. She has found her path through the guidance of the Blessed Mother (Ad Iesum, per Mariam!).

She joined DHT 7 years ago, and in her opinion, this has been one of the best opportunities that God has guided her to seize. DHT has helped her become more in tune with her vocation(s) and has helped her be more open to those in need.

B loves serving the youth and young adults of ALL communities. Her motto is "you are a Catholic 24/7, not only on Sundays"...